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On one side – the beautiful city that is Milan, full of fashion and art, with its hectic and noisy yet stimulating lifestyle.
On the other side – vivid African colours, the strong smell of spices, and women’s voices in bustling local markets. Slow rhythms and strong feelings, this is Africa.

Here, clean lines and the meticulous and wise Italian craftsmanship.
There, African culture, rich in history and tradition, symbols, colors and patterns.

Together, this is WAXMAX. Mixing styles and cultures, curiosities and expressions, and emphasizing how working women win across the world. All of our pieces combine distinct design with ethical labor and superior artistry creating a truly only of a kind product. Each collection is unique, composed of beautiful prints and materials with vibrant colors and shapes.

The bold design of the African textiles combined with the precision and excellence of the Italian artisanal craftsmanship creates outstanding quality accessories, clothing, and furniture pieces.
Italy and Africa blend perfectly together in WAXMAX, through innovative design, cultural traditions, classic aesthetics, and ethical production from start to finish.

Each item contains the story of the designer, the producer, and of course our clients.